Be a clock that has stopped


Not taught in textbooks.
The one and only sake brewing, that is, the story of the birth of "genuine aged sake" spun for 77 days.


The oldest sake brand with a history of 500 years.
We continue to protect our taste that was loved by shoguns.


Good rice, good water, and a chief sake maker.
"Things" that contain the wisdom of our predecessors and the skills of craftsmen, and "People" who use them to make sake.
Only when all of these are in place, we can proudly call us KENBISHI.


We keep changing for not changing.
It goes beyond sake brewing.
We continue to innovate and evolve by many ways such as incorporating contemporary designs.


Masataka Shirakashi

Kenbishi has been loved by many people over the past 500 years.
The form of sake today was created 400 years ago.
During that time, we watched the change in sake and "we" are the history of sake itself.
There is a reason why we have been loved for such a long time.
We believe that it is the trust we have gained from our customers.
Based on our numerous experiences, we have made three promises that we have kept to ensure our customers’ continuous support.

1."Keep the traditional taste"
Trends are tempting.
Chasing the trends can help understand the market.
However, it can also result in losing sight of who we really are, leading to customer dissatisfaction.
For many years, we have focused on making sake that goes well with a wide range of dishes, and we are not going to change this.
Our taste will remain the same, and thus we do not need to change our brewing method.
Kenbishi’s taste has stayed the same for hundreds of years and will do so for the next hundreds of years.
2.Finding the best quality ingredients
"What you need to turn good ingredients into good sake is technique, whereas only magic can turn bad ingredients into good sake.", is a saying that has been handed down within Kenbishi.
We only use the best ingredients to achieve the taste we aim for.
A stable supply of high quality rice is assured by making contracts with local farmers directly.
We grow our own rice to hand down agriculture to the next generation.
We have digged more than 10 wells in different locations, from which the water is selected.
In order to keep our taste, we continue our journey of finding the most suitable ingredients.
3."Never taking a big margin"
We keep our prices minimum to cover the basic costs such as ingredients, equipments, and preparation for disasters, so that we can continue to run as a company.
However, we do not take profits for our own vanity and desires.
Our main purpose is not to pursue the company's profit.
Kenbishi does not exist for the shareholders or owners, but for delivering our tradition to our customers.

We hereby pledge to keep our three promises once again.


company profile

KENBISHI Sake Brewing Co. Ltd

3-12-5 Mikage hommachi Higashinada-ku,
Kobe, Hyogo 658-0046 JAPAN
Founding Before : 1505
President : Masataka Shirakashi